Staff Augmentation
Capacity Based
Managed Service
Extended Team Model

Extended Team Model

  • Client has steady work, to sustain a core team continuously.
  • The Dedicated team built with client’s participation.
  • Over time, the team becomes a seamless extension.
  • Flexibility built-in by adding resources to core team.
Fixed Price Model

Fixed Price Model

  • Reasonably stable requirements right at the start.
  • Deliverables, Costs and Timelines clearly defined, right at the beginning.
  • Changes to scope estimated for separately.
Shared Services Model

Shared Services Model

  • Resources / team shared across clients. Resources charged for on an hourly basis, based on usage. Ensures optimum utilization of resources
  • In “Capacity Based” delivery model, we operate in a consultancy mode in which we help clients to meet their Staffing requirements and provide best fit resource(s) with desired technical skills.


  • Set-up the facility and infrastructure, hire employees and establish knowledge transfer channel
  • Manage operations
  • Register a new subsidiary for the customer, transfer assets and transition operations

How we source exclusive talent?

  • The resources are reviewed technically by Experts in the same field.
  • The interview sessions are video recorded and shared with clients if needed. This saves time and effort for the customer.
  • We evaluate the candidates based on hands-on experience in our Lab environment for cloud, virtualization and server support.
  • We do more than just recruitment